Medisch Spectrum Twente
Hospitals of Enschede Netherlands
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MST Hospitals of Enschede Netherlands are now operational with the operating room management software ORSuite® from IntegraSys San Diego (CA).

"Not just a flat registration system, but a management tool with a lot of extra value."

Phase 1 has now been completed. The aim is to be fully operational before the end of the year 2000. The hospital has taken a major step with ORSuite® towards "more insight in the perioperative processes and a more efficient organization".

ORSuite® is designed to automate the operational process rather than a series of tasks. ORSuite® offers all instruments necessary in one practical suite of software modules. Especially the open and fully accessible data base, in this case Oracle, is seen as a major advantage of ORSuite® compared to the other systems the hospital considered.

Mr. T. Schopman from MST: " the Medical Spectrum Twente is a merger between the 2 hospitals from Enschede and the city Oldenzaal. We have 3 different locations in which we have operating rooms. Thanks to ORSuite®, we can differentiate between clinical and other data from these locations. ORSuite® also enables us to have interfaces with other systems such as the financial system and the inventory management system".

‘’With one click of the mouse we can see what was used in the OR and what costs have been realized per individual patient. ORSuite® in this way is not just a registration system but a valuable management tool that surely makes it possible to earn back our investment and more.’’

Within the MST approximately 120 people are working with ORSuite®. "Yes, that’s another important aspect. ORSuite® is based on MS-Windows and works the same everywhere. This way it is easy for the user to become familiar with the system. It turns out to be a very easily accepted operating room management system", says Mr. T. Schopman.

The MST hospitals are the second hospital entity in the Netherlands to become operational with ORSuite®.

ORSuite® is a registered trademark of I S Software Systems, Inc. d.b.a IntegraSys, a U.S. company.  For more information you can contact IntegraSys at + 1 (865) 622-7432.