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April 1, 2000 San Diego, California IntegraSys Announces Release of ORSuite for use with ORACLE Database Servers.

IntegraSys, a leading developer of perioperative information management systems for hospitals, announces that it now includes ORACLE on the list of database servers for which its database-independent ORSuite product line is compatible.

The flexibility of being able to accommodate hospitals with ORSuiteregardless of whether the computer department supports ORACLE, MS-SQL Server, SQL Sybase, or IBM DB2 we believe gives IntegraSys a tremendous market advantage, states Tom Hickman, President and CEO.

Mr. Hickman adds In addition, the fact that we have a single set of executables that operate in either database environment simplifies the support process and enhances our ability to deliver product updates to our customers.

To learn more about ORSuite for ORACLE from IntegraSys visit the company web site at, contact the company at (865) 622-7432 or e-mail.