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System Configuration

A number of fake watches preferences, defaults and other parameters can be configured uniquely to be user or site--specific, resulting in a unique experience for each customer.

Items that can be configured include:
  • Site-specific preferences that determine how features and functions work
  • Linking of documents and reports to forms for online review and printing
  • Defining of variables for charts, cartier replica sale tables, locations, events, pathways, intervals, sites, rooms, and lists.
  • Managing localization, including translation of lists, labels, grids, etc.
  • Setting pathways for reports, help files, modules, and databases.
  • Managing how surgeon privileges work
  • Managing how resource conflicts work
  • And much, much, more...

Pictured below are examples of just a few of the forms available for configuring the many user and site-specific fake hublot parameters that help define how the system looks and operates from one customer site to another.