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A variety of charts can be defined by users for capturing patient and case related data, whether collected pre-operatively, intra-operatively, or post-operatively.

The nature and amount of data to be recorded is determined by the user, and can be configured to optimize workflow, whether incorporating a detailed and complex design to accommodating each step, or point-of-care, chanel replica handbags comprising the perioperative pathway, or a more simple design representing each phase.

Collectively this data represents a complete electronic perioperative record (“EPR, available to format for the purpose of displaying on the screen, printing, exchanging electronically, or sharing with other databases.

Access to these charts is controlled by the user, in an area used for defining group and user level permissions to functions and features across the suite of modules.

Patient Registration Charts

A Patient Registration chart, like the one below, can be configured for recording patient demographics data, as well as anticipated case related data, and cartier replica uk other site-specific data. The nature and amount of data recorded is determined by the user, and can be configured to accommodate both manual data entry and automatic population via an electronic interface. As with all patient charts, access to this chart is defined in hublot replica sale a separate module, used for definition of group and user level permissions across the suite of modules.

Intra-Operative Case Summary Charts

The Intra-Operative Case Summary chart pictured below represents a sample chart used to automatically display relevant "planned" data from a Patient Registration chart as well as for inputting "actual" data from observations during the case.

This type of chart can include tabs for recording the staff present during the case, including assignments and in-and-out times, clinical events such as procedure codes, diagnoses, anesthesia types, anesthesia procedure codes, as well as complications. Other tabs can be used for recording medications administered, assigned preference card, case times, as well as other user-defined data.