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ORSuite® Interface Solutions

The N-tier client-server architecture and open database design of ORSuite® make the exchange of data with other hospital information systems a straightforward experience. A number of interface modules have been implemented based on HL7 protocols, including the following solutions:
  • Admission, Discharge and Transfer ("ADT") - query and unsolicited versions are available for retrieving patient demographics data
  • Detailed Financial Transaction ("DFT") - for sending and updating billing data
  • Scheduling ("SCH") - for sending and receiving admissions planning data and schedule updates
  • Order Entry ("ORD") - for sending and receiving supply updates
  • And more...
Interface packages have also been designed based on XML and web services and include custom components that are easily configured to accommodate specific hospital requirements, for example:
  • Updating remote database systems
  • Integrating with regional inhabitant database systems
  • And more...