Preference Cards for Reconciling and Costing Supply Items
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Preference Card templates may be built by selecting items from the Supply, Surgeon, and Procedure tables, and may be rolex replica uk designed for specific surgeon and/or procedure combinations. Barcode scanning can be used for updating the supply table, as well as items on the preference cards.

In addition to the templates, case-specific versions of the preference cards are available for reconciling supply replica watches sale quantities used during the case, as well as for recording serial numbers and comments, when applicable.

Features of the preference card system include:
  • User-defined supply categories
  • Case-specific cards for reconciling supplies used during case
  • Constructed from relational tables (supplies, equipment, implants, medications, staff, etc.)
  • Supply quantities used recorded by the "exception" method
  • Real-time reconciliation possible (in the OR during surgery)
  • Barcode scanning update of tables as well as capture and editing of case-specific cards
  • Ability to link supply "pick-lists" to cards
  • Can be designed specific to surgeon, procedures, or combinations
  • Can be designed specific to surgeon groups, specialties, procedure groups, classifications, etc.
  • And more?
Pictured below is an example replica watches of a case-specific preference card for reconciling the supply quantities used during a case. Each row of the grid represents a supply item and each tab represents a supply category defined by the user.

Pictured below is a sample form used to edit information related to preference card templates, including surgeons, procedures, preferences, positioning, sterile preparation, non-sterile preparation and supply categories.